2018 Oktoberfest Shows at the German American Society in El Cajon.

Achterrum at German American Society



Holzhackerbu'am in Yuma, Arizona 2017


Jaegerquadrille at German American Society


Performing as the“Gemuetlichkeit Alpine Dancers”, the troupe is a regular participant at the German-American Society Oktoberfest in El Cajon and elsewhere at similar festivals throughout the southern California area.  The group performs many German, Austrian, and Swiss dances at these shows.  Here are some sample videos from these Oktoberfest shows.


House of Austria Sterntanz

Hoch Liechtenstein in Yuma, Arizona

Performing Folk Dancers Oktoberfest shows 2018

Date           Day       Time     Location   Organization


Fri 09/28/18    German American Society Oktoberfest

Sat 09/29/18   German American Society Oktoberfest

Sun 09/30/18  German American Society Oktoberfest

Wed 10/03/17 Rady School of Mgmt Oktoberfest


Fri 10/06/17    German American Society Oktoberfest


Sat 10/07/17   German American Society Oktoberfest


Sun 10/08/17  German American Society Oktoberfest

Sun 10/21/18  2:00-3:00 House of Austria

Fri 10/26/18  6:00-10:00  Hilltop Rec Center

German / Austrian / Swiss 2004

House of Austria 2003

House of Germany 09/28/09

The Performing Folk Dancers of Balboa Park are part of the International Dance Association of San Diego County which is a non-profit organization sponsored by the San Diego Park and Recreation Department that is dedicated to promoting and encouraging dancing as a social recreation for the public http://www.hofshi.net/idasdc/

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