HPR Lawn Programs of the PFD


Here is a list of potential Sunday Lawn Programs for 2018 hosted by the HPR (House of Pacific Relations) in Balboa Park.  The PFD has performed for these countries in previous years.

Most shows are on Sunday from 2-3pm unless otherwise noted

  • 04/14/18 House of England (Saturday show)

  • 04/29/18 House of Finland

  • 05/06/18 House of Poland

  • 05/13/18 House of Norway

  • 05/20/18 House of Germany

  • 06/02/18 House of Denmark (Saturday show)

  • 06/24/18 House of Sweden

  • 07/01/18 House of USA

  • 07/15/18 House of France

  • 08/05/18 House of Italy

  • 08/19/18 House of Hungary

  • 09/02/18 House of Ukraine

  • 09/23/18 House of Lithuania

  • 10/21/18 House of Austria

  • 10/28/18 House of Czech & Slovak



Hungarian costumes 09/15/09

House of Finland June 2008


Russian 11/08/10

Estonian 12/10/09

House of Denmark 06/05/11

. .

House of USA 07/05/09

2017 Russian Medley at Immigration Naturalization Services

2017 House of Sweden HPR Lawn Program


House of Finland June 2008


The Performing Folk Dancers of Balboa Park are part of the International Dance Association of San Diego County which is a non-profit organization sponsored by the San Diego Park and Recreation Department that is dedicated to promoting and encouraging dancing as a social recreation for the public http://www.hofshi.net/idasdc/

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